Just Me
2005-03-17 05:14:06 (UTC)


"Last" survey

1. Cigarette: n/a
2. Alcoholic Drink: Rum
3. Car ride: Today
4. Kiss: either Feb. 19th or 29th with Dana. I can't
remember which day.
5. good cry: Don't remember
6. Library book checked out: can't remember
7. movie seen in theatres: SoUE
8. Book read: Huck Finn
9. movie rented: Minority report
10. Cuss word uttered: Bitch
11. Beverage drank: Coke
12. Food consumed: Grilled cheese
13. crush: well i still have one today (sorry dana)
14. phone call: Bethany
15. TV show watched: CSI:NY
16. Time showered: 20 min ago
17. Shoes worn: The mismatched And1's
18. CD played: n/a
19. Item bought: Air Head
20. Download: don't remember
21. Annoyance: Rebecca
22. Dissapointment: pretty much every day
23. Soda drank: Coke
24. Thing written: No quiero cantar.
25. Key used: What key are you talking about?
26. Word spoken: Come
27. Sleep: an hour ago
28: IM: a month ago
29. Sexual fantasy: yeah like i'm gonna tell you that...
30. Weird encounter: no comprende
31. Ice cream eaten: coffee!!
32. Time amused: three hours ago
33. Time wanting to die: One month and day ago
34. Time in love: Today
35. Time hugged: Couple days ago
36. Time scolded: Today
37. Time resentful: Today
38. Chair sat in: Basketball scorer's chair
39: Lipstick used: n/a
40: Underwear used: SNOOPY BOXERS!!!!!
41. Bra worn: uh i thnk it was a joke from July in
conneticut, i can't undo the damn things
42. Shirt worn: My Grey Tee (no pictures)
43. Webpage visited: uh this one....
44. video game played: Call of Duty: Finest Hour
45. Text message sent: to Amanda
46. Time you failed at something: I do not phail...

i guess thats it. cya


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