My Silent Legacy
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2005-03-17 05:00:37 (UTC)

Woohoo no work till Saturday....

Well lets see here...ive worked the past 2days...nothing
exciting has happened at school...Dana came back from D.C
today!!! i was soo excited/happy and she started Wendy's.
She got stressed and cried like me lol After the we went
to Burger King and visited Hope and got free food lol My
appt. at sacred ground is very curious to see
what will work till Saturday as u can tell
by the title.....
Ummmm girls are hott lol i want to see that girl at Pac
Sun dag gone it........Gosh i want a gf...sometimes i
believe im too picky....ive been told that...but heck i
really want a gf....oh yea and i got to see inside the
boys room in school today when hope threw my shoe in there
lol My friend Shantel's birthday is tommro...HAPPY
BIRTHDAY!!!!! gosh im glad dana aka davey is back lol
o.k thats it...hopefully a super day tommro!

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