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2005-03-17 04:14:55 (UTC)

rockin' after mid-terms

today and tomorrow are mid-terms. i love these day cuz
even though we have to take test, half of the day is spent
doing nothing. except for band where we are ganna play for
three hours. its cool and all, but not for three hours.
in english we saw david blain's dvd. he is just freaky. i
still can't think of an explination for his tricks. how he
came up with those, wow. he's awesome. anyways,
tomorrow's the spanish test and band and at 6 is the rock-a-
thon. for those who don't know what that is, its a way to
raise money for our band. each person is supposed to rock
in a chair for eight hours non-stop. people donate money
for each hour we spend rocking. its pretty interesting.
its usually held at school and we watch movies, play games,
basically anything to keep us entertained while rocking.
if we stop, then we get an hour taken off and there goes
money. tomorrows ganna be a long day.