The Life of Carson and Bri
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2005-03-17 00:09:07 (UTC)

our first entery.!!!!!!!

Im carson. To tell you a little bit about myself ill start
with , I am 12 years old I go to mms and I play electric
guitar. My best friends name is Bri and my boy friends name
is michael. I have a sister, a brother a mom and a dad. I
have 2 cats and a dog. My fave color is pink. Well i am
gonna let bri tell you about her self ok? Because this diary
is hers to. bye.

This is Bri. I am 12, i play electric guitar and go to mms
MY boy friends name is Joey Malaschak n i luv him to death!!
i have a sister named Suz and a mom named renee and a dad
named ricky. my sister has a boy friend named nick and i luv
him too. LOL. My favorite colors are pink and green and i
love joey!!lol today we got n a fight cuz he said sumtin
bout me n i got upset so we fought but now we r kool!!! n i
still love him!!! LOL!!! carson is my bestfriend n i luv her
bf, micheal too! i have a dog named belle n i luv her!!luv
always bri!!!

Ok well I guess were both gonna go. So ill type to ya lata.

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