Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2005-03-17 00:08:18 (UTC)

Tomorrow to Florida...

Yeah, I sacrificed a lot and made many important
decisions up to this point. I've been doing nothing but
planning for so long and tomorrow... I'm leaving for
florida to see her... you know who. I'm a bit nervous I
admit it...but calm. She told me she... lost hers too the
other day in an email. It really hurt.
I knew it was going to happen eventually ever since
she got with that new guy... just not when :( But its
alright I know how she feels I guess. Thats another painful
memory in my head now. For some reason though... even
though I felt hurt and I was pissed too, I didn't ask too
much about it. I don't have a right to say anything about
it or what she did, because I'm just as guilty you know?
I do still love her... always. So what if we're not
virgins anymore and we didn't get to share that with each
other. There are so much more important things other than
sex. I still haven't experienced true love to the max. No,
not sexually true love, I've never had that... but I mean
love just holding hands... or kissing under the night sky
or in the rain, watching the sunset together or a moment
just to be close.
We are leaving tomorrow morning at 5am I don't know if
we'll make it ok or what might happen, but I have faith and
persistance. I got my clothes ready and everything I'll
need so far. Me brother, robert, and jc are comming along
so thats good. I'm taking them to daytona beach and we'll
stay there for the night and then I'm off to orlando to see
Astrid. She is the only reason I want to go...
She has to leave on monday to see her grandmother, so
we are leaving on thursday, and I should be at her house on
friday if nothing goes wrong I pray. I deposited all my
savings and well... I hope we'll be ok with just roughly
750 dollars. Alright well, thats whats going on right now.
I'll write again when I return.

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