the Soap Opera
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2005-03-16 21:32:26 (UTC)

*is the BLF back, if it is we've got some diva's*

thats right the big story in 6form at the mo' is

Abi Holt
Tracey Green

lol, i aint 0 sure on y they'r argueing but its sumit
to do wiv tracey owing money to abi cuz of laners edible
thong. THATS RIGHT!!!!!! its come to Tracey laying out a
Disabled person (carr) with a door & not even apologising,
unbelievable, i'll keep u updated on this story hopefully
they wont forgive eachother n they have a big fight, with
both of them NAKED, THATS RIGHT!!!!!

i'll like to hear some feedback on how ppl feel this will
turn out, as well as a diary i will have more competition
type of things here to get more ppl looking in, please
tell a friend, i will put a * on each end of the title for
a competition, hope to hear from u!!!!