my life
2005-03-16 20:35:15 (UTC)

random confussion and rants

i am about to graduate from collage and i think i picked
the wrong major...
my best frend and roommate is about to get married and i
sooo glad she's leaving, i've gotten to the point that i
really wont care if i never see her again...
i have 9 friends that are getting married this
addition to all the gifts i have to buy i'm really
struggling because i've been with me guy for 4 years and
we aren't even taling marriage...
since christmas i've found out that 4 of my clostest guy
friend are gay which is weird cause i wouldn't have pegged
any of them as gay...
i have a suicidal friend that i feel like i have to either
babysit or walk on egg shells around so she doen't snap
and kill herself...
i am soooooo ready to not be a part of my sority anymore
but i can't just quit i hold an office and am on E.C...

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