slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
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2005-03-16 21:28:48 (UTC)

subdiary 15-03-05

good evening my Master,
tuesday one of my favourite days of the week Sir. friday is
my other favourite day Sir. Why? because these are the days
for Oour scheduled meetings online Sir. i have been feeling
a little lost and confused with all that i have caused this
past week Sir. i do long for R/T Sir but You have made me
understand now that there is no hurry Sir. i am contented
now Sir to have You guide me in my search for that. i know
i have acted impatient Sir with my dialogues with the Other
Sir. i know i must tread carefully Sir so that i can be the
perfect gift for You to dispose of Sir when You are ready
Sir. i dont wish to be disposed of Sir but i understand
that i have to accept this. i understand that i can never
give myself to You physically Sir and that Wwe only have
online Sir. Sir i do give myself to You as much as i can
Sir. i love You and i adore You so much Sir. You being sick
has made me especially unhappy because i cant be there to
look after You Sir. Sir how can my heart be breaking and
also be singing at the same time Sir? it is singing because
Wwe had a very good talk tonight and also breaking because
it had to end and i wont chat to You now until friday Sir.
Thank You Sir for ending my dinner time punishment Sir. my
dog also thanks You Sir.
jessica {MR}