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2005-03-16 05:10:55 (UTC)


What has happened since the last time i updated?? hmmmmmmmm
I'M A DADDY!!! lol j/k. i don't seem to remember getting
Amanda pregnant, you'd think i'd remember something like
that. lol. well i'm waiting for the 18th to come so that i
have something to do... I can't wait for the 26th b/c i get
to see DANA!!! YAY lol. i'm goin to Philly and i might
sleep over her house, that is, if my dad can get the 27th
off. i actually don't know what we would do if i had to
sleep over her house. i guess we would talk and do stuff.
maybe we'll play her xbox or ps2 a little. i dunno. I'm
still a bit shaken about her "Warming gel" statement. that
just kinda freaked me out a little. you know what i want? I
want to be able to glow in the dark like Andi the GM
monkey. I have n't quoted anything in so long its not even
funny. i NEED to quote something. give me something to
quote people. I've been thnking, and i just realised i've
neber had a boring year in science. Freshmen year we had
rubber bands and PBSO4 with kevin and amir to get by on.
then last year i had Lee in my class and we freaked shannon
out with the preserved pigs. you can't forget my latex
gloves. lol. This year WE GOT BOYD!!!! oh yeah we also got
Kevin, mark, harsh, Amir, Kim, Dan, and me. what else could
you want? Its like this class was made in heaven, or hell
depending on your point of view....
well its a little past midnight and i'm here which means my
priorities are all fucked up. but WHO CARES??? it's not
like i've never stayed up a full 48 hours before. omg i
just realised, Sarah is not that bad looking......


What happened.....

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