love and its complications
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2005-03-16 04:18:19 (UTC)

another day

my little sis went out yesterday to her friend's birthday
party and she stayed over at my elder sis house and today
she is gonna go out with her friends...im so bored without
her...but its good that she is going out with her friends
and she is starting to mix around otherwise she will
follow me wherever i go with G and she does'nt even want
me to watch movies with him coz she wants to watch them
with me...

i tried to find a cd key for my diablo 2...it was a waste
i thought i finally had the cd key but although there were
alrite i tink someone else is using them coz i can't use
it ...arghhh i hate tihs i spent $60 on it and this is wat
it gives me..its not my fault i lost the cd key...i know
this is stupid but i alomost cried..coz i could'nt get the
cd key

yesterday..i was talking to G while he was out and gonna
buy some stuff for his perfomance..he and i did'nt have
much to talk about..why??? is our relationship going
stale..and he told me that his handphone was gonna go
dead and i said i would call him later but then told him i
would'nt coz even if i called he would be too busy....and
in the night..when i was thinking about him..he called!!!
so sweet coz i thought that i was just gonna call him
tomoro ( his handphone only has free incoming
calls)..however as usual it was so noisy coz of his frienz
and he told me he would call me back...but guess wat he
never did...i purposely pretended to my mum i wanted to
watch tv while she was in the room but actually i was juz
waiting for his call..which never came...and yeah mum
keeps on telling me love is bullshit i should juz find a
rich guy wats up with that???and again she brought up the
issue that G would never go far in life..i wish he would

gina called me told me that mum keeps on pestering her
asking bobo to find work...she sounded depressed and she
told me she had lots of stress and mum was doing this to
her and she said she wanted to come back home coz she had
a fight with bobo but later called me saying that
everything was ok between them and that he was making
dinner for her and she sounded really happy

and did i mention she called me while i was studying!! i
got distracted and i did'nt study..im, kinda lazy..its my
holidayz and i dun wanna study coz when school start (in 5
days) i gonna come back home mostly at 5 or 6 in the
evening and i am gonna be so tired i would juz sleep..wake
up eat dinner do homework sleep back there is gonna be no
time for revision..and my mid year exams are coming up
soon!!!!! arghhhhhhhhhhh why meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

okay i feel better now.heheh...hope g calls me...i gotta
get a handphone soon and he has also been pestering me
about and i also have to save to get X box for him....so
much money gona to waste


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