words of an innocent bystander
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2005-03-16 02:09:04 (UTC)


-so right now i'm (blue merle - either way it goes)
thinking about doing laundry tonight or put it off on more
day. seeing how i'm a little low on quarters i'll most
likely go one more day without doing it.

-why are we so scared to make huge changes in our lives?
i'm at a good point in my life and am doing alright for
myself. however, i know that if i take a chance i could
be somewhere better having more fun. ah well.

-i really acted like a dork last week at work and its
starting to make me wonder if i made some people question
who i am. but my biggest peeve is having private matters
made public and it really pissed me off/caught me off
gaurd when she did all comes down to being in
the wrong place at the wrong time. if i had stayed in my
cube it would've never bad. move on i say.
but that cynical one can be a hard one to read. shes
always about doing your own thing but as soon as u don't
do what she says be ready for some shit. (bob marley -
buffalo soldier) (denver harbor - twenty six) maybe i
should start a conversation with her this week...maybe
wait until i'm back from the road (pink floyd - goodbye
cruel world) (howlin' wolf - leave here walking)

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