My Life and why it Fuckin Sucks!
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2005-03-15 23:44:10 (UTC)

If only he knew...

Hey all! I really like this guy and he is one of my best
friends in the world. I just told him like last week what
I thought and he likes someone else. Im heartbroken. I
love him so much and all he talks about is why she wont go
out with him BECAUSE OF ME... and it so totally isnt like
that. She said she liked other guys more and she wouldnt
do that to me... and I respect her for that... but he
thinks it solely isnt me and I just wish he knew how wrong
he is... I wouldnt ever do that to him. I love him with
all of my heart as a friend and more than a friend. But
yea I really feel bad... so I just needed to get that off
of my chest. 3 AMS 3

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