When RheaSunshine Speaks
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2005-03-15 22:28:01 (UTC)

Forever growing

Tomorrow I will not be the same woman
That I am today
Tomorrow I will change
And consistently I will be
Different than the day before
But that is not a bad thing
The changes that take place in me
Are changes that need to be
Because they better me.
I want to make him smile each day that he awakes
I never want to take anything from the man that he is
So I change to better compliment him
Rather than myself
And now I see that changing for someone else
Isn't them changing you,
But you deciding that you love them enough
To open who you have established as you
And do something most people won't do
Change to make their life better
And isn't that all love really is
Exactly what Christ did
Changed who eternity said he was
And became what humanity needed him to be
Just so that we didn't have to die miserably
Well, all I want to do is be like Christ
So it's alright that I change my life
To accomodate the gifts of love that God has given
To me as treasure
It's just the richer I get
The more neighborhoods I have to leave
To be better accomodated for the wealth.
If I can and would do it in other parts of my life
Accept that tomorrow I won't be the same as today
But I did it because I love you
So it can't be that bad.