Life is full of miricles all we have to
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2005-03-15 21:17:38 (UTC)


Dear diary,
I have to move to louisiana. Why, why do i
have to move. It isn't fair you know. It isn't fair at all.
I want to stay here with derail, and be here all together.
I love derail. He is my everything. I love him so very very
much. I miss him to. Why must i leave san antonio. I heard
of this quote that said. " life isn't the amounts of breath
we take, but the moments that take our breaths away". I
wish i could stay in louisiana and be able to expirence
these types of moments with derail. He means so much to me
and more. I love him alot. Well mom says we will be moving
to Baton Rouge. I am to attend the Woodlawn high school. I
read about it on the internet, and found out that there is
only on percent hispanic teenagers that go there. I wish
derail would move with me. I think leticia's dream will
come true. She said that me and derail would stay together,
and i hope that is true, yep i do i hope that is very very
true. Well i will be 15 is april. I can start to date
derail, or introduce him to my family when i visit. I just
hope everything turns out to be ok in the end. I am not
sure i am ready to move though. I will miss derail
alot!!!!!!!. Well enough for today. Bye

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