My Life as a Bipolar
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2005-03-15 20:19:45 (UTC)

I got ahead of myself

Trying to chronicle my life up until now is a very
difficult thing to do. THere are things back there that
scare me. But I think for my own sake I have to get it
down. It is what made me.

My first memory is being in a crib hollering to get out.
I was in my own bedroom in our first trailer. It had a
high long window in it. I don't ever remember being
gotten out and put in bed with my parents. I don't
remember ever being hugged by my parents. There is a
picture of me and my dad at about age 3 where he hugging
me. I love that pic because it still makes me feel so

As I got older, I remember spending nights at Grandma
Davis' house. The house was horrible. Holes in places
holes shouldn't be, cold in the winter, hot in the summer,
out in the boondocks. The bathroom never had any heat,
and I always got a spit bath because of this. MY
grandfather loved me had a gruff manner that always kinda
scared me. He was diabetic and had lost both of his
legs. I am sorry that it happened to him. But it gave me
tolerance of handicapped people much earlier than most
children are able to obtain it.

The front porch was heaven though. It had a slidy long
chair that creaked when you slid it. There was a porch
swing, I think. And a bunch of other chairs. There was
these long steps leading up to it. I remember playing
with my cousins out there and having such a great time.

More later

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