Master's bliss

Master's bliss
2005-03-15 19:02:20 (UTC)

Hot to trot

Dearest Master,

this slave is the happiest, luckiest, and h***iest slave in
the whole world. You always keep this slave on the edge and
"hot to trot" as it were! Ever since You left this slave in
Your bed this morning, she has done nothing but think of You
and the way You run Your hands over her body, caressing her
skin, pinching her nipples, stroking her pussy lips,
flicking her clit, etc. this slave is so lucky to have such
a loving, strong, strict and concerned Master. You always
take such good care of this slave.

This past weekend was wonderful as always. You gave this
slave a cleansing on Friday night, but it ended rather
abruptly when this slave became nauseous and overcome with
heat. It was still a good cleansing and once the nausea had
passed, she felt really good. You had wanted to f*** this
slave's ass that night, but didn't feel that she had been
cleansed well enough at first, so You went ahead and shot
Your first orgasm all over her face and tits. she told You
later that she felt she had been cleaned enough, but by that
time, You did not feel it was appropriate. Perhaps W/we can
try again this weekend. this slave thrills at the thought
of Your cock invading her tiny little puckered anus.

this slave was not allowed to cum either on Friday or
Saturday night. she was allowed to enjoy lots of pony/pet
pictures and a few stories with You while she stroked her
clit, but orgasm was not allowed. You came on this slave's
face and tits several times, marking Your territory, once
again taking ownership of Your slave. You lay this slave
back on the bed, raising her legs in the air, and rubbed
Your cock against her "heat", simulating f***ing. this
slave was so aroused, so excited by Your attentions to her
body, that she felt as if she could cum just by hearing Your
command to cum for Your pleasure. But alas, the command
never came and this slave went to sleep h***y on both
weekend nights.

Then came Sunday. Several weeks ago You had purchased a
romantic movie to watch with this slave, but W/we had not
yet viewed it. Sunday was the day. W/we watched the movie
and enjoyed it a great deal. At first, this slave watched
from the floor while You reclined on Your bed. Before the
previews were completed, You invited this slave to join You
on Your bed. this slave was pleased to join You. W/we
watched the movie while holding E/each O/other and enjoying
it T/together. When it was over, this slave had to prepare
dinner for the family, but before she left Your side, You
instructed her to get the lubricant, get naked and lie next
to You on Your bed. this slave complied and ended up lying
opposite You so You could watch as she played with her clit.
she snuggled against Your legs and put her hand between
Your thighs while stroking her clit with her other hand.
While she stroked You spoke to her of pony and pet play and
forced chastity. she loved Your words as well as the
feeling of her fingers on her clit. Then You rose up on
Your knees, positioning Yourself right over her face. You
gave this slave the command to cum with You, which she did.
this slave stroked her clit and began cumming hard. At the
same time, Your own cock began to explode with an orgasm
that shot all over this slave's face, once again claiming
Your ownership. this slave's orgasm finally ended with her
feeling so loved, cared for, and most definitely owned!

Thank You so much Master. this slave is so lucky to be
owned by You.

this slave must go for now. There is still school to take
care of, as well as an errand to run for You. this slave is
and always will be Your loving, loyal and devoted slave-pet,