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The Life of a Female Scorpio
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2005-03-15 18:24:21 (UTC)

High School - a nice place for a nap.

High school totally SUX.

Since the school is all-girls (boring - I can't send any
guy home with a black eye, I don't hit girls. Usually)
this year is special or something. There's a GUY teaching
physics, doesn't teach me though. Half the seniors fancy
him. Yeah, would you believe my friend actually told him
her sister likes him. Man I'd sure want to know what
happened. There's a student teaching geog and art. GUYS
can be surprisingly funny though. Didn't stop him giving
us two researches in two weeks anyway.

I try to impress the world with my brilliant prose and
look what I write. Blah blah blah.

Some not so personal facts:
- I love writing depressing poems.
- I love romance.
- I'm still single. (Heck, what am I thinking, I don't
need guys.)
- I love fighting (with boys mostly - this way I don't get
the blame)
- I love playing Tekken.
- I'm hopeless at sports (Excluding giving black eyes)
- I'm supposed to be studying
- I have to go
- NOW!!!


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