2005-03-15 16:44:35 (UTC)

More BS

This past week has been hell! Nearly every morning I wake
up to my mother bitching about my homework and me lying
and other bullshit. If she would quit taking her Soma
long enough to be coherent enough to listen to me...
She gets mad at me because I sleep in 'til noon. Its
because I stay up through the night, working on my
homework to make sure it is done, mom! What about when
you take your pills and sleep for 19 hours a day, huh?
Its because she has fibromyalgia that she is taking those
pills... but does she really need to take that many all
the time!? Its 8:35 A.M. right now. I dont know why, but
I've always had a thing about time... I need to know
exactly what time it is. I constantly wear my waterproof
watch and set it daily to the popcorn time, then make sur
all the clocks in the house are as close to it as
possible. ...even the dreaded VCR...
I hate my life right now... I wish my independent study
would be over and I would be done with school. Then I
could just have a job and work... I like working. I had
a job at Great America for a while... I made nearly $400.
All I have to show for it is a dragon figurine...
That was broken by mom...
She took the rest of my money...
but I still enjoyed the work. Too bad it was so far from
home. I had to commute for 2 hours! I never came in lat
though, not a single late day.
Mom is always talking about about how would do great
together if we were both working. We wouldn't need
anybody else. I don't know if I like that idea... I
might leave her... Thinking about it...
Only 5 mor days 'til the show about dragons on animal
planet! I can hardly wait... I'm going to try to see if
I can record it on a cassette...
Is there anything else to talk about??? .... no, I think
that's it for now... Goodbye

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