2005-03-15 16:07:24 (UTC)

The Reason

I know that your'e out there. That your afriad of us.
Afraid of change,and what's coming. I didn't come here to
tell you how it will end. I came to tell you how to

Somewhere in a college town in my home state of Texas is
a young boy who will decide our nation's fate. This I have
known from my childhood he will be the leader of America's

The warning sidns are clear,they are on pace as I have
seen them throughout my life.When I was in high school I
spent my entire time looking for the woman who would rear
this leader and found her. I actually could have killed her
and done away with the whole situation then.

In the next civil war in the year 2052 in the city and
surronding corn of Lawrence ,Kansas over 1 million young
adults will vie for the biggest nation on earth.Only one
will ever leave that battle. He hasn't even been born yet.

man I go Nuts about this or am I nuts?

How did i know her birthmark if it's all bullshit?

how did I know he high scool friend would die?

Ihate this Shit.For Fifteen years I have know she's given
birth as I knew Been divorced as I Knew. why in the fuck am
I to know someone I dont even live with or work with
someone who in fact is three thousand miles from me
managing irrigation flow in a backwater hick town?

anyway had a side note saw obituary of Roger moore in USA

think it said he was 77. not shure.

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