Captain Jenning
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2005-03-15 15:59:26 (UTC)

10:55 3/15

Dear Thingy,
I just finished my Science homework becuase Mr. Kingsbury
gave us 40 minutes to do it, starting at 10:40. I don't want to say too
much right now bcuase I have a SPY looking over my left
shoulder.. (Bubbles) I don't care if Bree sees what I'm writing.
We finished the Questionnaire part of the MEAs at about 10:15.
From about 9:50 to 10:00 I was cleaning out my locker. It was very
messy. Georgia was cleaning hers too and she was 3 or 4 lockers
away from me. While Georgia and I were cleaning out our lockers,
both of our sisters went by. Geogia's sister didn't say anything to
her, but ofcourse Janelle had to give me a high-five!
Right now Bree is still working on her Science homework (I
think... hold on...) (Yep she is.) Normy looks like she's writing on
her desk. I wonder why... Georgia is on her laptop in the back of
the room with Gabriella. Hired-Help is still working on her Science
but I think she's almost done. Until next time...

Tina Come Get Some Ham!