Justin Flames

month of February
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2005-03-15 14:45:26 (UTC)


been around here before
(see me) while they come for more

you don't need an explanation
for your current situation

gives you the power of...
so where is the direction?

get me up
when you get up
So I don't sleep
All day"

tripping out of a mess
I look around
I see them

Drummer from Unearth
slightly from the other lead guitarist....
(not the one that leads first)
Bjorn from In Flames
Koskinen from Norther
Jesper of Dimension Zero
Alexi from Children of Bodom
Bjorn from Soilwork
Chris Amott from Arch Enemy
and others

It's on all of their faces
inside their eyes,
when you don't look at the traces

The true power of music
lies in those who play for no one
yet still have the wisdom to put away the gun
inspiration comes later
just in the beginning...
you create yourself
then remember
what you have forgotten