Captain Jenning
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2005-03-15 14:40:22 (UTC)

9:35 3/15

Dear Thingy,
I have just finished working on the final part of the Science MEA.
Bree is still working on hers. Normy is working on her laptop along
with Gabriella. Hired-Help and Georgia are still taking their tests.
Bree just finished and went to go and brush her teeth in the
bathroom (I hope.) The next part of the MEAs is the Questionnaire.
That is the only part of the test that we do not get graded on... thank
god! lol Tomorrow I have to go somewhere to take my Math MEA
because I missed it on Friday.
I can't wait to go to the movies tomorrow! We are taking Normy
out for her birthday. We are going to see The Pacifier with Vin
Diesel. Like we are actually going to watch the movie! lol
I just found out that we aren't going to have Life Skills class so I
have to go and do my Science!

Peace Out

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