Captain Jenning
2005-03-15 13:55:01 (UTC)

8:50 3/15

Dear Thingy,
We have just takin the second Science MEA. Next we are going
to be taking the third and final Science one. I don't like science at
all. On the last one we were asked to find the density of an object
and I couldn't remember how to find the density of an object... I
know... stupid huh? I got most of them right...but then I completely
gave up and left that part of the test blank! Bree just explained to
me what I was supposed to do and I feel really intelligent. Tonight
I'm hoping to talk to Chuck for as long as possible tonight! I just felt
like the world was spinning underneath me (I think that's how you
spell it :( ) Our snack just came and when we are done we are
going to be taking the next part of the MEAs.

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