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2005-03-15 07:35:12 (UTC)

cool week 11

it's a nice and slack week for me, no more test for the
week, no homework to be done, and only about 3hrs lessons
average each day. hehe one doesn't get days like that. :)
which explains why i'm in a absurdly good mood yesterday
and today. :) haha, can't seem to stop grinning...

today is tuesday...

can't seem to remember the days... this week is passing
too quickly... *graspes at the air*

why is it that good times always flies while bad times
crawls? that's not right... it shouldn't be...
anyway who am i to say this? :P

had a practical session today, it's a case study about
ankle sprains. my group was listing out every single
muscle ligament tendon and bone present in the foot...
goodness... honestly i don't think it's possible for so
many ligaments and muscles to be injured at one time but
still :/

so all i did was sit there and 'oh really?' 'i think
so' 'maybe'... and fiddling around trying to look busy :P


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