What you see in me.
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2005-03-15 06:50:46 (UTC)

Holding on to what I am

When you look at yourself, what makes you the kind of
person you are? What are the determining factors in what
makes you, you? When people look at you, It's the values
you hold that stand out to them.

But there is the fine line between what values you hold
for others, and what values you hold for yourself. There
should come a time in everyone's life were you draw the line
at what doing for someone conflicts with your own interest.

"Everyone is where they are because they choose to be

Many would argue this to be untrue claiming that people
can be victims to circumstance. This may be true in a sense
but the harsh reality is that those who overcome
circumstance did so because they chose to ignore it. They
were willing to adapt and because so they will survive were
their criticizers will perish.

"...controlling everything inside
feeling weak i don't feel right
telling me i have to change
telling me to act my age
but if all that i can do
is to sit and watch time go
then it'll have to say goodbye..."

Somewhere tangled in this mess is the subtle essence of
individuality, that which gives us the satisfaction of being
separate from everything and everyone. The only thing
harder than achieving self acceptance, is achieving others
acceptance. Responsibility, Behavior, Stress; all factors
that can destroy ones persona.
It is only those who can balance the equation of
Holding on to what you are, who will find true acceptance.

C’est la vie - That's Life