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2005-03-15 06:39:02 (UTC)


hm i woke up around 3ish dis morning....talked on da phone
to some of ma relatives overseas....then i got ready n
went shopping wit my mom n sisters....it was boring as
hell so i like slept in da car for da longest time! Then
we finally came home and i cleaned ma room and burned abt
8 cd's...lame lame! but oms finally got on he was tellin
me how his dad said to go to SA to finish up school....i
was like noooo! haha well me n katie went bowling last
night wit some friends of ours...haha our team was called
pimpin stilletos! haha they made so much fun of us.....and
like at 11 they turned off da lights n started cosmic
bowling....and my shirt was white....so my bra like
glowed..... yea really horrible....but yeah now we all
need to go out to da lake n ride jet skies! thatd be hott
as hell! lol....this spring break is gonna be mad awesome!
dis is where all da fun begins! ekkk. Well im off to sleep
im hella tired!night!

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