The Truth
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2005-03-15 06:35:52 (UTC)

Hangin out w/ madre/ WORK

Took the dog to the pet parlor for hair cut

I watched me movie series called "Carnivale"
I Also watched another movie called "First Daughter" awww
it cute!!!

Whet out shopping with my mom, went to Dick's Sporting
Goods Store to get clothes. then went out to eat @ MiMi's
Cafe.. good food i had feddiccini? w/ asiago cream....
mmmmmmmmmmmm.. and fried calamari..

Then got the dog from the pet parlor

then went home took a 2 hour nap b4 work

Went to work from 5:30-8:30, went to aly's house to bake a
cake.. fun fun... she's a good cook.. and laura was over
there too.. (both work w/ me @ work). came home @ 11:30

Now i'm typing in this journal and playin yahoo towers...
talkin to a friend tht i'll never let go of.. even if we
do fight

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