more human than human
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2005-03-15 05:23:23 (UTC)

My Love

You know, if people can't get close to you
They might just walk away
If you don't let them know you give a damn
People wonder, why should they?
You know, sometimes a girl needs attention
of a special kind
And I'm not sure you quite understand
Just what's on my mind
We're not just talking a few candles
Although that would be nice
And maybe you're considering roses;
Maybe, but not quite,
Now you're wondering what to do,
at least, I hope you are,
And I hope you know I love you more than
anyone, near and far,
So maybe I'll give you one small hint:
The writing's on the wall
I've shown you here, in black and white
I think I've said it all


Love you, baby.