My Gay Misadventures
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2005-03-15 04:56:30 (UTC)

Lust 'n Lover

Before i forget about the recent turn of events, ima log
this now, or i never will...

--Im just now recovering from being very ill. Well, i
wouldnt use the word ill...more like. icky. yes. icky.
Anyway, i guess its due to the fact that i went out drinking
3 nights in a row. havent been eating right. and then
performed an activity that drained all my mojo. (more on
that in a sec) I guess i got the flu or something. was
running a fever. Muscle pains everywhere. sore throat. the
works. I literaly felt like i was beat-the-fuck-up. When i
went out on Friday, I drank like 6 double rum and cokes. and
smoked a few cigs. which i normaly dont smoke more then 1
when im drunk. so i guess that helped pave way to my throat
fuckage. Also that night, i got lucky. This guy, Erik, took
me to the club and let me stay the night at his place...
mainly in part we sparked some chemistry throughout the
night. We got our groove on. I Topped him first, then he
topped me. it was very nice. (Still a tad bit sore from that
though)...However....He does have this one slight negative..
.the fact that he is postive (HIV) Now, iv never really
looked down on those who had this termial illness. but it
does make things a lil differnt....He's hot as fuck though.
He looks sorta like a cross between Goarge(can never spell
that name right) Michaels, and Antonio Bandaras. F-I-N-E.
Not to mention freakishly sweet. Like the other night, he
came over (he doesnt even live in the same city come to
thing of it) and took me to his place to spend the night...
now i was still aching and burnt out from my nights of
clubbing, and he took care of me. Massaged me. Medicated me.
Fed me. Held me. It was...awesome. I'd really like to hit it
off with him. But somewhere deep inside, im a lil paranoid
how he feels. (he just got out of a relationship -- dont
wanna be the rebound)

--Mat has made an effort to continue a friendship with me.
Now that im moving back into the medical center, i will be
seeing a lot more of him. He wants me to be his Tennis
partner = He talks to me about his current love
interest, and i talk to him about mine. In all technicality,
this should be akward and uncomfortable, but instead i find
it to be a sort of relationship iv never felt with anyone...
sorta like...I dunno...I used to be In Love with the guy...
guy I still love him. Just not 'that way' anyway...Damn.
almost like brothers. creepy.

I needa eat.

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