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2005-03-15 04:44:21 (UTC)

Busy with a capital B

Wow! So much has happened this weekend that I haven't had
a moment to write. Even now, I'm squeezing this in pretty

We had the coolest meeting yesterday...an early Easter
Party. We did the normal Easter things...dyed eggs,
played games and had an Easter egg hunt. It was a good
time had by all.

This weekend promises to be even busier than this past
weekend. This week is our PRIDE telethon and Saturday is
the talent portion of it. Our bell choir is playing this
Saturday. Then, the next day we have an Ice Cream
Social/Variety Show/concert. The artist that is
performing at the concert is coming in the day before
(which is the same day of the telethon). After bells
play, I need to meet him to set up his sound system.

The Ice Cream Social/Variety Show/Concert takes place
after the Sunday services--which are also really busy.
I'm getting tired just thinking about everything that
needs to happen. *sigh*

Today, I drove to Lancaster and had dinner with a good
friend. I think that also plays into my being tired since
it is two hours each way. I didn't get back until almost
11pm. That's early for me but I have a lot going on at
the same time. I did get to buy two books today though.
The Purpose Driven Life and Decorating Ideas Under $50...I
love Wal Mart!

Okay, my bed is calling.

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