ruby tuesday

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2005-03-15 04:17:42 (UTC)

f*cking parental units

well i feel like crap...but stomach hurts..i still have to
write my essays...i'm in a fight with my dad (big
suprise)...well, today after i came home, i was watching my
mom braid my sister's hair, and my da'd like "jen, go do
you homework!"...ok, you know what? i'm 17, i'm a junior in
high school...i only have a year lift of know
what dad? i THINK i have the whole homework and going to
school thing down by now...i don't think you need to remind
me to go and do my homework...i'll do it when i do it!
it'll get done...god, this is just another shining example
of the lack of parental skills my parents have...he
actually thinks that tellig me to do my homework is
parenting me..LOL...that's hilarious...he hasn't been doing
it when i actually needed guidence...where was he then?
nowhere to be found! now when i don't fucking need his
advice, he tells me! god, why do i have such a fucked up
family? what is my dad when i'm 25 going to call me up to
make sure i wipe my ass? man... school, my life...this has
nothing to do with him! all he does is pay for shit...he
hasn't done anything other than when i'm too
fuck old and now learned my lessons, NOW he thinks i need
guidence...yeah i need to get the fuck away
from him! he drives me nuts sometimes...i know i sound like
a bitch, but this has been going on for years...he's such
an absentee parent the entire time i actually NEEDED my
parents...they were nowhere to be found...they were WAY too
busy with their careers to actually RAISE their kids! now
when they see that i am fucking gone the day i graduate,
they want to parent know what? its too fucking
LATE for it! i have already raised mysself already!...i'm
not a kid anymore...thanks for not helping me...its fucked
me up, but now i just don't care wants for a
parent ended a long time ago...and he was too fucking busy
to even notice so i don't need him anymore...only his
money...i guess, even that i don't really want. i just
can't wait till i start my own life and i can start fresh
without some middle ages assholes screwing with my
head...they've done that enough to last me a lifetime...