Fragile life
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2005-03-15 03:52:54 (UTC)

we are in the same situation

hmmm yesterday just went out with
my best fren.. i found out that
i manage to get to know her even deeper..
she told me everything abt her and her boy.. haha... i
think her previous situation is the same as am so call
just past situation..

When u didn't look into the guy's eye..
that means its puppy love...
so thats her past and my past too..
thinking back.. i really didn't dare to look into his eyes
and i don't feel comfortable whenever i am with him..
but this carry on becos i didn't wanna affect his studies
at that moment..but now i am free ..
i won't have that uncomfortable feeling again..

currently i have this feeling that no matter what i'm
going to quit..but i dun know when will i tell them
its very hard to say moreover she is my aunt..
anyway hope that i will tell her afer i got my enrolling