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2005-03-15 03:39:09 (UTC)

Life Goes On

Life goes on
That problem u used to stress is all gone
That thing you thought was right has gone all wrong
But life goes on
YOu tripped and busted you butt
YOu heard someone talking about you
You lost your only chance
But life goes on
When he passed you u couldnt seem to remember your
rehearsed lines
When he touched you you were instantly lost
When he spoke you melted
When he played you you cried
But life goes on
After he kissed you he smiled
After you called him he would seem bored
After you gave him your all he left it in the same place
he got it from
After he gave you a baby to remember his ways he had the
nerve to deny you
But life goes on
See people these dayz are spoiled. The medical world gives
lazyness 500 words and gets paid for 20 seasons just to
tell u ur depressed and need to go on with your life
People, life goes on
when you fall get back up again and deal with your
situation because he wouldnt have touched, smiled, or
kissed you if you didnt give him the ok
Life goes on
Being depressed is not enough these dayz he'll just think
he has you in his fingers
Life goes on
DOnt let anyone lower your status just because they have
Someone who doesnt let you suceed is the same thing as you
laying on the floor with their foot to your neck
No matter how much you struggle to get up you get choked
on the way up
Dont let anyone put their foot to your neck
Life goes on
People dont make you depresssed you put yourself in
Depression is a state of mind
SO when things go wrong remember
Life goes on
Life goes on
Life goes on

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