Secrets come out?
2005-03-15 03:13:41 (UTC)

Work Work Work!

OKay , i work only on the weekends... and in three
days i normally work about thirty hours at work.. well i
have been JIPPED.... sombody at mcd's is majorly fucking
rippin me off... i am gettin paid for only like 7 of my
hours every week.. it's fucking rediculous and i am gonna
put a stop to it... Denia is gonna fix it ... it's her
fault.. i will get my freakin money even if i have to hurt
someone over it... lol.... jk... anyways... so J and i are
good i guess.. he is comin down on good friday.. and i'm a
little nervous but anxious and excited at the same time...
me and kaila and jesse are gonna go to work out in the
mornin and then we're gonna get drunk on friday nite.... i
am tellin mom i have to work third on friday with k and
we're leavin holly out becuz i practically hate her now...
anyway... i will talk to y'all later.. i have some offline
messages i have to take care of... *muah*~~~