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2005-03-15 00:35:51 (UTC)

must...... discipline......

found out my cousin's gonna have her debut two weeks from
now. must discipline, so that i will look my best at the
partry, and hook another men up (just like the previous
one's that i manage to hook up a few men). well this is one
party i would like to hook one, cause am sure men here are
of a high quality. of course that night i want to be of a
high quality too, especialy that it's my cuz party and am
sure many will again compare me, we are the only matured
female in the family and the other matured female is her sistah.

daily regimen:
1.exercise plenty
3. avoid sunlight
4. water
5. fruits/veggies

1. sleep early
2. moisturize
3. wask fash
4. try regimens (stick to working to avoid break-outs)

whew! i never got this so prepared for a party....

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