Captian McCoy
2005-03-15 00:12:02 (UTC)

You cant be serious MOOD:agitated

Ok well today in 3rd period, Sienna, hambo and i was
talking about having peactice on wed. well at least cc and
i was. Hambo didnt want any part of it. he said that he
has things to do. so basically it was a no from him. we
couldent have practice. But if anyone knows CC they know
that she doesent take to kindly to "no's" so she kept
trying. then she asked torry and torry said she would stay
with us. So you know what he said. "If its ok with her
than its ok with me!" I wanted to just say F**k it and
leave it alone right there. that hurt me so much and i
dont know why. Well i do. it hurt because when cc and i
wanted to have practice we couldent but the second that
Vic"torry"a said that she wanted to it was all good then.
WTF is that.
And if you think that im over exagerating im not because
he even said that he is messing with me on purpose. i dont
remember his exact words but i wish that i did so you guys
could understand where im comming from. but in a nut shell
he told me that it was brought to his attention that maybe
i thought that he liked torry more than all of us and he
did it on purpose.
But thats besides the point. whether he did it on accedent
or an purpose, he still did it. i still have fellings, and
he still hurt them. Badly this time. and all i can do is
just think to myself, you cant be serious.