Captian McCoy
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2005-03-14 23:52:39 (UTC)

Back off MOOD: Sad

I cant stop thinking about Mr. Hamberlin and Torry and My
guard. I love that guard so much and it is just amazing to
me how i can blink and it can all be taken from me just
like that. Without warning, some girl who knows none of us
can just come in and push me to the back of the room. Take
over and hambo loves it. Everything she does is right.
everything i do is wrong and in reality we are doing the
same thing. Just because Im not Mr. hamberlins prized jr.
staff member Torry. This is beging to be too much for me.
i cant take it. The people at that school that i love the
most is erasing me. They say that they love me and
want me to stay but i dont know if i believe that. They
all are starting to drift toward torry. I know it seemes
like i am just being selfish but im just speaking what my
heart is writing. Maybe i should just let her have them. i
guess this if my final year. I love them all but Mr.
Hamberlin loves her more he doesent care about me and i
need to be loved. I just want to tell that girl to Back off

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