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2005-03-14 21:24:56 (UTC)


I sure am missing my snuggle pea... That's one of the
nicknames I had for my exboyfriend. We were the kind of
couple that lived in our own little world. When he was bad
or mean, I'd call him a shit pea or a mean pea. Basically,
anything pea.... It was a way for us to call eachother
names, but in a loving way. Some of the nicknames we had
for eachother were just weird though... Like I would call
him "bugle britches", and "boo boo", and he'd call
me "pumpkin pie" or "pumpkin skrudel" (and yes, we know
that skrudel isn't a real word), and then he just
shortened it to "punkie". Other times, he'd call me his
little "square head" (according to him, all Canadians have
square heads). But most of the time, between the two of
us, it was just simple old "baby". We NEVER called
eachother by our first names... He HATED it when I called
him by his first name... So whenever he really pissed me
off, I would yell at him and call him by his first name.

I haven't had the balls to write him yet... I really want
to talk to him, but I don't know if it's worth the
gamble... My trial is coming up April 11, and I guess that
will be the next time I get to see him. It could be the

Speaking of Gambling, I went to Shreveport saturday night
with my brother and some of his friends (some of whom
happen to be mutual friends of ours). Shreveport is a town
in Louisiana which is only about a two hour drive from
Tyler. It is famous for it's "boats", which are huge
hotels and casinos built along the river because gambling
in Louisiana is not legal on dry land. I had a great time
and it was fun to get out of the house and away from my
crazy roommate and this fucked up town for a night. It was
the real celebration of Luke's 21st birthday, and his mom
had rented him this badass room at the Hollywood Casino. I
think there were about 12 of us all together.
Unfortunately, some of our friends weren't 21 yet, so they
couldn't gamble. Getting into the casino is similar to
going through airport security. If you're not 21, there's
no way in hell you're going through. And good luck if you
have a fake ID, because they hardcore check that shit.

Anyway, since some of us weren't 21 yet, we decided to go
to a night club. We called the front desk, and the lady
told us that there was an 18 club down the street called
the player's club. I figured it would be a strip club...
We get to the door and I argue with the bouncer that $10
cover is way too expensive. I looked pretty hot, and
somehow I talked him into letting us all in for $7 a
piece. Well... We walked into the club, and WALKED RIGHT
BACK OUT!! It was like walking into a nightmare!!! We were
the only white people there!! I'm not kidding!! It was an
all black club, and none of us felt comfortable in there.
I stood there for a second, thinking "Hey, we could make
the best of this", but I turned around, and all my friends
were gone. Needless to say, we all got our money back. We
didn't waste much time before heading back to the Hotel,
because Luke and his girlfriend Bekah started fighting.

The rest of the night is pretty much a blur. Half of the
group went into the casino, and the rest of us went down
to the diner to grab some food. Jason text messaged me and
he wanted to me to come see him on Sunday... I really
didn't know if I felt like driving all the way back to
Tyler and then another 2 hours to Dallas, but I told him I
would call him on my way home.

There was more drama back in the hotel room, but
everything kind of chilled out when we all started
watching "Team America". That is a fucking hilarious
movie!!!! Jason called me again at about 3am right before
I went to sleep.

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