marie aka mississippi

Jersey Native
2005-03-14 18:03:05 (UTC)

GiFt & CuRsE

Dun let me be misunderstood I get enuff of that in my
life. Juss read an try to follow if u get confused then
juss fuk it forget it cuz its not for u to get rii now I
guess. I mean shit thats the obvisous explanation right?!

A motherless child who hated the world for soo
long...finally found me...Ch3vi!! I was hurt from a
previous love, an hurt from life itself. If u were in the
sticks of M.S w/ no one but ur parents an pets: ur best
friends lived thousands of miles away (only ppl who
haven't failed u YET: u argue w/ ur father like he's ur
fukin' younger sibling instead of a 37 yr old man: u have
ur license but can't drive shit ur lovely
parents: and ur only hope is ur mother wen she's not high
w/ a attitude just because the sun came out: u dunno the
1st thing there is to know about God or church an u don't
go to learn b/c everytime u show ur face thats the Sunday
pastor wants to talk about homosexuality an how bad it
will burn wen we are in hell: the highschool is the only
place u go wen ur out the house but they wont accept all
ur credits so u have to take extra classes that aint
cheap: ur bro (only man u will eva love) is overseas
tryin' to protect this fuked up country from the middle
east folks wen we can't even protect this country from the
fuked up ppl here!! For sum reason Ch3vi is not what she
was lookin for but what she found. Lucky her or lucky
Chevi cuz I dunno.

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