Place my Pieces Together-Angie#6
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2005-03-14 14:18:45 (UTC)


Hey whats up? Sorry I havent written lately I've been both busy
and tired. Well nothing is new in my life, nothing at all.
Well...Friday night I didnt do much I had plans but whatever I
dropped em. After school I went with Chelcea to pick up the baby
and then we went to lab corp so she can have blood work done, it
was sad. Then we went to McDonalds to have ice cream and went
home. Then after about a hour the baby started to throw up. We
took the baby to the doctor and they gave her another shot poor
baby! And if you thought that was the end of my night you have
something else coming to you! At 5 in the morning my sisters ex
called me to see if she was home. He was drunk and needed a
place to sober up. My sister wasnt home so he kept me on the
phone till like 5:40am and finally it was my time to sleep! But
wait...nope that wasnt the end! Chelcea called me to come over at
6 cause the baby was still throwing up and she had a 7 o'clock hair
appointment. So I stayed with the baby laying down on the bed
until we fell asleep together. Then her father came home at 7:30
and he came to walk the dog so I stayed with the baby a little
longer and fell asleep, woke up at 8 and went to my house to
On Saturday, I went to get my nails done and my sister came to
pick me up so we can go to Juans BBQ. I met his girlfriend...doesnt
seem his type but his happy. And then... I chilled for the whole
night. It was fun!
On Sunday, I went to Adienes grave finally, it has been five
years since her death and I havent gone until yesterday. And I
went to Sunset mall and that was that.
As for guys...hmm...I'm still talking to Eddie my ex but I dont
know where thats gonna go but whatever. Only time will tell. But
the guy I went out with last saturday we spoke but its weird. He
called me on Thursday and we spoke for like a good 2 and a half
hours about crap but I guess thats how things start out when you
dont know the person. On Friday I called him we barely talked and
then he called me on Saturday he called me to chill. But i couldnt..
I guess we'll see tonight. Anthony... thats a lost
case. That is it! THE END! We dont talk in person we dont talk over
the phone we only talk through text messaging. Sucks! But thats
whats the best for us. His stupid! He may come off as this sweet
guy but when you get to know him for like boyfriend material he
isnt what he seems to be. But life goes on! I'm SO OVER THAT!
But like when I see him I miss him but for what. It wasnt a healthy
relationship when one is only giving!
Well...this is it for now. I guess I'll catch you up later. Bye!

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