My New Journey
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2005-03-14 14:13:58 (UTC)

Here I Go Again

Though I didn't feel very anxious and bored last night,
knowing that other people that I knew were out doing
something or out enjoying themselves. However I am glad
that I stayed home and filled out all of those papers for
the test Tuesday morning.

I will just take it easy this morning, make a few calls and
watch the talk shows. Later I will call my friend Barb to
she how she is doing. Maybe call my spaceguy to comfirm or
suggest more plans for Tuesday. I will return my dvd, buy
toilet paper, sanitary napkins and coco butter lotion from
the store, make a cash withdrawl, then I am off to enjoy a
evening at the movies.

Eatting Menu

Meal One

Chicken, cheese and herb sausage
1/2 cup Cheesy rice

Meal Two

4 fried breaded shrimp
1/2 cup Cole slaw

Meal Three

1 Turkey and cheese rollup

Meal Four



1 scoop Ice cream