Shorty talks
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2005-03-14 04:08:58 (UTC)

saturday&sunday *SNOW* and *FUN*

omg this has been the best weekend ever! usually the first time u
spend the night at some1s house u have the worst time ever but
not with jordan!!!!hahaha we pulled like the best prank on the papa
johs pizza guy and we watched some scary movies then we went
to sleep lol but the prank was bad ass!!! we acted like retarded and
faught over a purse and who was going to pay then i hit her with
the purse and ran down the street as fast as i could* she was
supposed to follow me but nooooooo* so i ra alle way back and
hamded the pizza guy all his money and jordan acted pissed and
slapped me across the face and ran inside she forgot the tip so
she ran back out to give it to him and i followed her and thru a
tampon at her and she thru it at him. licia was like omg im so srry
about all of that and he was like uhhhh...its ok and left hahaha it
was so great i had a gnarley time! then jordan and i got a cabin!
and then all day today*sunday* we watched movies and took
showers lol hahhahahaha and then went to pick up josh and then
we went to dereks and played in the snow and now im known as
the girl who cant walk up hills!!!!! hahahah man it was so awesome
jordan and licia had a few accidents too! lol and then we built a
jump *derek and i* i was the first to go off of it and i broke my f'in
tail bone but it was so worth it we had so much fun. oh yeah!!!! and
on...well yesterday *saturday* wen we went to blockbuster we took
a picture with this guy mike who works there hahahahahaha *
kinda my idea jordan helped* lol ~*~ THANKS MIKE~*~ then i saw
a pic of this gey westly *DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOM* hes sexy!
but now the fun ends because i have csap on tuesday and my
essay for mrs.shellhorn is due tomorrow! oh yeah and i have a test
in ss AND i still have math hw to do! ahhhhh gotta go!


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