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2005-03-14 03:55:07 (UTC)

I love you Adam

Haha I wanted to send you an e-mail but since you can't
read them on your computer I did this instead...I hope you
don't mind that I went on your msn for a second...and I
blocked everyone because I didn't want them to get this
link and then come read this. I'm sorry about last night. I
shouldn't have joked about the pill thing cuz it's not
funny. I wouldn't have said anything if I had of known it
would upset you. I'm going to go tomorrow and get it
because I don't want a baby either really I don't and I
wouldn't do that to you. I love you so much. I'm just
wondering if you feel the same way about me. I'm sorry if
this sounds like I'm complaining, I'm not there's just some
stuff I've been wanting to tell you and I haven't gotten
the chance. I kind of feel like I have nothing to offer
you, like I don't have money or anything like that and I
can't even get you a birthday present because I'm afraid
your mom would take it from you. It seems like I can't even
make you happy. I've just been feeling that you don't
really care about how I feel because whenever we get into a
fight or arguement you never talk to me or anything you
just go offline or don't speak to me or something like you
don't care, and how you said you'd call me after you got
off work last night it seems like you don't care about me
you just want to know if I got the pill or not because
you're not calling me before I go or anything. That's why I
pull over into the school parking lot tonight because I
didn't want to drop you off and still feel like you're mad
at me. I love you so much and honestly when I think about
the summer or next year I see myself with you but I want to
know if you don't. I miss the way things used to be between
us like when we first started going out. I used to be able
to tell that you loved me alot just by the way you looked
at me or touched me but now I can't. I miss talking to you
on the computer untill early in the morning or talking to
you on the phone. I miss sneaking out to see each other and
things like that. Like how you used to email me or text
message me just to tell me you love me..and now you don't
do it. It seems like a routine for calling me or
talking to me you just do it out of habit. When you say I
love you too it feels like you're just saying because I
said it. I love you more then anything else and I want to
be with you always when you broke up with me last week I
didn't know how I was going to live it hurt so bad. I love
everything about you. I feel so safe when I'm with you and
nothing else matters when you're around I'll love you
forever and I think of you constantly and miss you always.
I'm just so tired of's stupid because we
fight over nothing. I'm going to try and not be so annoying
and not get mad over little stupid things because I hate
fighting with you more then anything I can't stand it. I'm
sorry I overeact sometimes. I just want to know how you
feel like how you seriously feel because I want to make you
happy and I want you to know how much I love you. I guess I
want to know if you still honestly want to be going out
with me still. I hope you do because I'd die if you didn't.
You're the most important thing in my live and I love you.
So I'm just wondering if you still love me. I hope you do.
I'll talk to you when you get off work if I don't talk to
you before then. I love you so much Adam.