book of me
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2005-03-14 01:25:35 (UTC)


sometimes i think i've cared too much. it's funny how much
you give to people, to put a smile on their face and all
they do is pay you back with cold. sometimes you even
displease urself to please them but it sems lke the more u
are nice the more they think you foolish.

am not saying am some sort of angel or saint or something
but at the same time we all deserve some levelof respect.

guess from now on am just going to be the normal guy, no
more mr too nice a guy. jst laugh when you can and say no
whn you can't.

ayways, if there's one've hurt, i feel bad about it. but
from now i just want to be me, the emeka i was back home.
trusting myself and not gettign too involved.

being calm and not talking much, cos those around me are
more like peolpe just there to take advantage of your being
nice to them. mum, i just wanna be abetter person. i do
care for people. mum you know me. please don't let me leave
your side. i love u mum. with all my heart. and keep on
taking care of those that i love.

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