2005-03-14 01:18:30 (UTC)


So I went to Rachel's birthday wasn't too bad
but it made me miss Tim even more. I stayed there for about
two and a half hours...then came home and waited around.
Brie picked me up at 6 and we went to Erin's purse party. I
am in love with Erin's house. It's like my sister's house
just bigger. Seriously martha stewart magazine times ten!!!
amazing. Then I fell in love with her cat. He was so
lovable!! I'm glad I didn't bring my money though because I
probably would have gotten a purse. So I just got home not
too long ago.
12 more days until our one year anniversary. I can't
believe it's been a full year already. It's so weird. But
without a doubt this has been the best year of my life.

Now i am going to go talk to dan, and get in the shower and
do my hair...

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