My New Journey
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2005-03-13 22:39:59 (UTC)

Permission Given For Excess

I woke up feeling alittle woozy but thinner than I have in
weeks. I didn't feel like doing anything routine,
including coming here writing down my thoughts or my menu.
When my sister called I quickly invited myself to their
planned lunch at On Tap. When I got over their house, I
starting drinking with them way earlier than I usually do.
I pretty much knew then that the day was shot and that I
would need to get back on the horse Monday.

Since my spaceguy had treated my sister to a meal pervious,
my sister's man did the same for me. I had a huge beer and
large sandwich a pickle with chips. Ok I gave myself
permission to overindulge.

Received more news about how freshguy is scr#wing not only
miss naive but this horny Asian chick, who he is boosting
about being reel thin and making it very easy for him to
carry her into the bedroom, as opposed to yours truly.

Dear Universe please let me wash my mind and feelings clean
of this chippie and feel as cold toward him as he does for
me. What helps some is that he told a friend that I am just
a nutty woman bothering him and that he doesn't want to be
with me.

I wouldn't even take his stinking money but I need it so
much to maintain right now. I do pray that where he is
concerned that I am as numb of feelings as a log and to
just always take the money and run!

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