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2005-03-13 22:34:35 (UTC)

why is 3:29 pm on sunday the most boring time of the day???

i am so bored...i have a crap load of homework to do, but
i'm avoiding it for a little more time, but there is
absolutely NOTHING to do one in online, it's cold
and snowy outside, i feel like crap and the satelitte
doesn't want to come in...i've seen all my movies at home,
so there isn't anything to do...even my dog is boring and
bored.. these are definatly the times that prove to me that
i need to live someplace that is interesting because here
in colorado you have to MAKE fun, but in more interesting
places ex: LA, NYC, miami, chicago, st. louis, austin,
anywhere but englewood, CO is more interesting...i promise
you, there is someone at this very second having a blast,
and i am home typing in my online sad...i want
to do something, but don't want to drive 100 miles or spend
50 bucks to do it...i want my surroundings to be
interesting! i am bored out of my everloving mind! i don't
think i can get any more bored than i am right
now...aaaahhhh!!!!! i guess i'll go to sleep that'll be
more fun than