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2005-03-13 20:55:46 (UTC)

I Am NOT Close Minded

Jesus fucking Christ. I just spent the best part of half
an hour arguing with a supposed devout Islam about
religion, only to be called close minded when I pointed
out that I wasn't a believer.

We were discussing the concept behind religion, and how I,
personally, believe that religion was created as a way to
control a large group of people at once. Giving people
someone more powerful, or famous than them to look up to,
gives them something to believe in, something to work
towards, something to respect. This guy thought that I was
wrong, and refused to hear me out as to why I believed
what I did, so I gave him a chance to express his
opinions, explain his side of the argument, the way anyone
with respect for the person they're debating with would,
to which I was called close minded.

Stop me if I'm wrong, but if you happily sit there, and
hear someone out, and take in their opinions, and put
yourself in their shoes in order to understand their
beliefs, the last thing you'd be classed as is close
minded, so what the fuck?

I understand that someone could feel slightly threatened
if their whole life they'd believed in something, and
someone decided to question it. You'd think maybe after
all that time of believing, they'd have some sort of reply
to it, wouldn't you? But no, no reply, I'm just close
minded, and ignorant, for not believing what he believs,
and how could I POSSIBLY understand, if I don't believe.

If there is one thing I am not, it's close minded. I'm the
most fucking open person you'll ever know, and some
religious fuck who can't back up his beliefs decides
reality's too fucking hard to accept, so he just hides
behind his little deluded dream of how his almighty Lord
is going to protect and save him from this harsh world.

Fuck that up the arse with a cattle prong.

That really fucking wound me up. Fucking religious bastard.

If there's anyone religious out there, reading this, who
can give me a valid point for believing in a God that
isn't proven to exist, other than in your religious book,
send me a message and explain, yeah? 'Cause I have no
fucking idea.

- Splat

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