Mind of Mayhem
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2005-03-13 20:43:04 (UTC)


I've started taking a natural remedies to help my sleeping
and it's working. Last night i slept all through the night
and thats the first time in 6 months or so. I had
a nightmare though like i do most nights. It was about my
death. i always have dreams where i end up dying. I always
just wake up as i die. it was horrible. I was driving this
car with me, my daughter and my mum in it. We were trying
to escape the storm but the rain was so bad you couldn't
see out the windows and it was so heavy it was breaking
the glass. then the glass caved in and i woke up. horrible
dream. well thats me for today. If anyone knows what my
dreams mean get in touch cause i don't.

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