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2005-03-13 20:23:26 (UTC)

Do you ever question your own life?

..I do.

Last night was quite bizzare. i really don't know what to
make of it, if i'm being honest. basically, me, sa, lg, ba
and mv all went out drinking. i had a record-breaking 11
shots before i went out (that's not official - that's just a
rough estimate), so i was quite drunk. we went to the
star..then to rosies, where we stayed all night. we were all
happily dancing, until i went to sit in the corner, because
i felt like crap. i just sat there...i didn't do anything,
apart from sleep. people kept waking me up, asking if i was
alright. bless 'em. meg said tears were coming to her eyes,
because she was that concerned. how sweet is that? anyway,
ba and lg fucked off to the big a. sa said she'd be along in
20 minutes, but she stayed in rosies all night. anyway, as i
was asleep these two men came up to me and told me to stand
up because the staff were watching me. when they'd gone,
these guys were like "get ur head down again"..they were my
bodyguards, so to say. whenever a member of staff came down
to check on everyone, they'd nudge me and tell me to get up.
it was just..odd. before we left, i went to one of the guys
and shook his hand..and that's that. just...weird. we then
went to wait for ba/lg for 10 hours..they didn't come, so we
just got in a taxi and went home. i went to bed..i thought
everything was gonna be spinning, and it was to a certain
extent, but it wasn't as bad as i was expecting. anyway,
yeah..just a bizzare night. ke and jh not coming out pissed
me off, though.

this time in 4 months, i'll be in malia, crete. i can't
fucking wait. i've paid the first installment (190 quid),
but i seriously don't know where i'm gonna get the final
installment of 190 from. i'm gonna have to apply for a job
(even though i'm at college 5 days a damn week..i'd have to
work nights) but i doubt i'll get one..and it has to be paid
in a month. i literally don't know what i'm gonna do. i'm
sure i'll figure something out. oh, i have to get my birth
certificate from the redge office, because my mother can't
find it. i have to get it because you have to include it
when you send off for a passport, which seems a bit stupid,
but never mind.

ugh..i've got a cold. great.


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